30 January 2008

Anabatic and Katabatic Winds

A katabatic wind, a wind that carries high density air from a higher elevation down a slope under the force of gravity.

An anabatic wind, is a wind which blows up a steep slope or mountain side.
heres how I remember the difference between the two. to all those pilots out there, take note.

OK, so.... katabatic wind.... lets break it down a bit, wut is a "Kat"?? well, a cat is a pussy. And what do you do to pussy's??? You "GO DOWN" on them!!! lol.

Now for Anabatic winds... What name comes to mind when you think "anabatic"?? thats right... Anna... now think of the most famous anna you know... who wud that be?? thats also right, ANNA NICOLE SMITH!! now... wut does Anna nicole smith do in the pool??? THATS RIGHT!!! She "Floats UP"!!!!!

HAHA, future flight instructor RIGHT HERE!!!

juss something i thought i would share.


Ashe said...

This was ridiculous. I'm sure you could come up with something a little more mature.

Surendra Babu M said...

Good One.. :)

Yal Stiigz said...

anabatic. Ana's, fat(slow), she try to loose weight and jogs every DAY uphill.
Katabatic; strong cats come's out at night to downtown,

avoidSealy said...

What an asshole.